District Transparency with the Public

Transparency plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency in government and fostering public well being. It closes the gap between government and its citizens and strengthens accountability, openness and communication between the public and government.  Disclosure of information builds trust and confidence of the public in its government. 

Colorado statutes recognize the importance of "...public confidence in the integrity of government officials..." and in "...promot[ing] trust of the people in the objectivity of their public servants." [CRS 24-6-201]

The District continues to be a leader among government agencies in promoting transparency between itself and the people it serves. Below is a non exhaustive list of transparency-related operating policies and procedures and a comparison among these various government entities serving the District's residents regarding their adoption of such operating policies and procedures. 


Government Entity


Board Meetings Online Accessible
Meetings Recorded and Available for Public to Watch Later Board Meeting Packets Posted
On Website

Email Blast Reminders Re Board Meetings
Board Meeting Minutes Posted on Website Check Register Publicly Reviewed at Board Meetings?
Litigation Filings Publicly Posted on Website

Audited Financial Statements?
1. Granby Ranch Metro Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2. Headwaters Metro District Yes Yes No No No No No No No
3. Town of Granby Yes Yes Audio Only Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
4. East Grand School District Yes Yes No No No Yes No No Yes
5. Grand County Yes Yes Audio Only Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
6. Grand Fire District Yes No No No No No No No Yes
7. Middle Park Water Conservancy Yes Yes No No No Yes No No Yes
8. Grand County Library District Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
9. Middle Park Soil Conservation District Yes Yes No No No Yes No No No

Colorado Open Records Request (CORA) Policies

All of the government entities listed above have adopted CORA policies and charge the requestor for the retrieval of records taking more than one hour.