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The Granby Ranch Metropolitan District (the District) is located in Granby, Colorado. The District's service area covers approximately 232 acres of residential land primarily composed of 362 home lots. The District is located approximately 3 miles south from the center of the Town of Granby (east on Village Road from Highway 40). A majority of the home lots are located on the north side of the Granby Ranch Ski Resort and Conquest Ski Lift.

The District was created in 2003 for the purpose of funding the construction of public infrastructure in and around the District. The District has issued over $14 million in debt to fund public infrastructure construction and has levied over $6 million in amenity fees to fund the construction and operation of the nearby ski resort.

The District currently owns no public infrastructure. Although the District has financed the construction of over $14 million in public infrastructure, such infrastructure (primarily roads, water lines and sewer lines) is owned and maintained by the Town of Granby. Through amenity fee assessments, the District has also funded the construction of a ski facilities, which the District has the option to acquire after providing a certain amount of funding for such facilities.

In prior years, the primary Land Developer within the District excluded approximately 754.8 acres of land from the District's service boundaries. The property owners of such excluded land (plus the 232 acres of land within the District's service boundaries) is subject to the District's amenity fee assessments ($10,000 due upon issuance of a building permit), capital facility fee assessments ($6,255 due upon issuance of a building permit) and annual property tax debt mill levy. The 754.8 acres of "excluded" land will no longer be financially obligated to the District when both one-time fees are paid and the District's outstanding debt is paid in full.


Metro District Board Meeting Schedule
Feb. 08, 2024 (Thursday) Regular Board Meeting [Agenda]
May 09, 2024 (Thursday) Regular Board Meeting [Cancelled]
May 23, 2024 (Thursday) Special Board Meeting [Agenda]
July 01, 2024 (Monday) Special Board Meeting [Agenda]
August 08, 2024 (Thursday) Regular Board Meeting [Agenda]
Nov. 07, 2024 (Thursday) Regular Board Meeting [Agenda]
Nov. 07, 2024 (Thursday)**
Annual Townhall Meeting [Agenda]
Meetings are held at 6:00pm (unless noted otherwise above) via video conference at the following online location:

** - 8:00pm or immediately after the conclusion of the District Board’s regular meeting scheduled at 6pm, whichever is later

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